Chris Reynolds

Chris ReynoldsI trained as a potter at Goldsmiths in the late sixties under Ken Bright who introduced me to the ‘Zen’ of clay. I taught pottery from time to time in the subsequent years, but it wasn’t until Miles took on Symondsbury Pottery that I got back into a more regular practice.

I enjoy the teaching which for me is nearly all about hand-building skills and design concepts. I don’t take pottery very seriously, I describe it as “playing with mud” which is what I think it should be wherever possible. I approach making as exploration, taking clay for a walk, even if I’m making something practical like a mug.

I like to layer black and white clay, which I’ll roll or press out by hand. I’ll use small balls of clay, hand-rolled and joined together to form a vessel. I’ve recently started to play with porcelain. I always single fire to stoneware temperature.