Miles Bell

Miles BellI have been making pottery – and hopefully improving (!) for over forty years. I began when I moved to Dorset from London and started to learn pottery at Pilsdon Community. Then, in 2004, I had the luck to be offered the chance to buy Symondsbury Pottery which was a complete working pottery in Manor Yard. I was joined by Fenella, Chris and Andy, and the pottery developed and grew, and then in 2012, Ines Cavill and Simon Ford invited us to move to the much larger space of the redundant milking parlour at New House Farm. It makes an ideal studio space with plenty of room to work and teach.

I have always concentrated on domestic earthenware for people to use and not be scared of using. Now in my twilight years (!) I am producing some larger pieces with more abstract decoration to compliment my range of day to day ware.


Miles is happy to accept commissions. You might want to have something made to celebrate a special occasion like a marriage or Golden Wedding. We can discuss your ideas and make something that suits your requirements. He can also make things in a variety of sizes and colours to order.